After the best part of a year we’re ready to show Rounded to the world, well at least Australia for now. The journey so far has been really difficult but incredibly rewarding. There is nothing that quite comes close to the excitement of grinding away on your own idea and slowly see it come to life (warts and all).

I thought it’d be fun to write about the experience of getting a software company off the ground from scratch with a small team.

The idea for Rounded began a few years ago. I’ve been a freelance UI designer and front-end developer for over 10 years and I’d always felt very frustrated with all the accounting apps on the web. There simply wasn’t an app that worked well for Australian freelancers. If you’re a one man show local accounting apps like MYOB, Reckon and Saasu were just far too complicated and unfriendly. International apps, while simpler still required a bunch of workarounds to produce what’s needed here which kinda defeats the purpose of using them in the first place.

Spreadsheets? Yeah, nah.

On top of that the ATO’s (Australian Taxation Office) business portal would constantly break for Mac users. Lodging your quarterly activity statements online usually took a day of trawling this Whirlpool thread every quarter and then hacking up java files in OSX to get it to work temporarily until the next OSX update.

The amount of people in Australia who are ditching the the 9 to 5 and joining the “Freelance Economy” is exploding according to this article by Smartcompany. Australia definitely didn’t need another accounting app for small & medium businesses, that’s been sorted. I really thought there was an opportunity to build something that removed all the friction and frustration for Aussie Freelancers & Sole Traders that was super easy to use and priced fairly.

So over the last year with a small team we did just that.

Who are we?

Igor Pantović – In charge of the entire Rounded platform. Measures coffee in litres and occasionally sees the sun. He’s written every line of Ruby on the web app and wrote our first iPhone app too, which is waiting to be reviewed… (Come oooon Apple).

Me, Grant McCall – I do the design, front end code, marketing and support. I try too many burritos (or variations of) wherever I go.

Nick Beames – Takes care of all the operational stuff and made the first investment in Rounded. When not writing dad jokes Nick runs a hugely successful payroll company in Melbourne.

I gotta say it’s really exciting being able to focus on Rounded, we’re proud of what we’ve achieved so far and a huge thanks goes out to our early adopters for all the feedback and ideas.

There’s still a long long road ahead of us, so much to do, but we can’t wait.

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