A quick note on the numbers, nearly everything we pay for is billed in USD so it makes sense to list them as such rather than try and keep track of USD / AUD fluctuations. The main exception here is office rent which is here in Sydney.

I’ll keep this list updated as we grow and technology changes. As of July 2016, in no particular order, these are the tools that help bring Rounded to a device near you.

Purpose Technology Description Monthly Yearly
Back-end Rails Everything we need to build Rounded. Free Free
Front-end Angular Like the back-end there are plenty of options we could have gone with but Angular was right for us. Free Free
Stylesheets SASS A must have extension for writing CSS. Free Free
Interface Design Sketch I design all of our apps and website in Sketch. Simply the best tool for interface design. $99.00
Office Rent Fishburners We’ve set up shop in Fishburners – Australia’s largest startup hub. The perks are awesome and the people even better. $440.00 $5,280.00
Hosting Digital Ocean Both our application and website are hosted on Digital Ocean. The speed, reliability and value for money cannot be beat. $75.00 $900.00
Asset Storage Amazon AWS Application assets are stored on AWS S3. Free* Free*
Source Code Github The source code for our web and mobile apps, website and side projects are hosted on Git. $7.00 $84.00
Deployment Semaphore Runs our test suites and deploys the app $29.00 $348.00
Team Comms Slack Slack is the backbone of our team communication. We’ve also integrated our apps for notifications. $26.68 $320.00
Customer support Intercom Far far more than support. Intercom is just amazing. We also use it for customer analytics and to send targeted and timely messages to our users depending on what they have or haven’t done in our apps. $104.00 $1,248.00
Email hosting Google Apps We’re slaves to the Big G. Google Apps also comes with Google Drive and Docs for additional storage. $40.00 $480.00
Website CMS Siteleaf A lightweight CMS that just gets out of my way and lets our team write content. Our website is completely detached from our app so we don’t need to redploy it every time we make changes to the marketing site. $7.20 $86.40
To do Trello Trello keeps our task list simple, we mainly use it for dev orientated tasks. Free Free
Creative & Fonts Adobe Creative Cloud Our fonts are served up via Typekit which is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud. We also use Photoshop and Premiere for our image and video editing. $49.00 $588.00
Analytics Google Analytics We use Google Analytics both on our website and in our apps. Free Free
SSL Certificates Namecheap Namecheap handle our SSL certificates for us. $94.00
Phone number Skype Our support phone number is a Skype number, saves us actually having to have a landline and will ring on my phone when I’m not in front of the computer. $8.20 $98.40
Screenshots Droplr Droplr lets us send a screenshot or screencast straight to a server with a URL that gets copied to the clipboard for instant sharing. Super handy when sharing designs or giving a customer a hand with something. $5.95 $71.40
Email lists Campaign Monitor Used to collect email addresses to build a marketing list. $9.00 $108.00
Total: $817.10 $9,805.20

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