Following on from last weeks journal post we participated in the Startup Victoria Pitch Night last night.

We were up against Airly, Jobpokes and Ragraider. A really diverse selection of businesses, each at a different stage of their journey.

The competition was won by Alexander Robinson and the Airly Team. Congrats guys – well deserved!

Although our competitive nature meant we were a little disappointed not to win, we still got a huge amount of value from participating in the event.

We spoke to loads of people who were happy to give us constructive feedback. Both members of the audience and some of the judges made a point of coming to talk to us afterwards to share their thoughts on our pitch and product.

Thanks to all of you – your comments were gratefully received and very useful.

We were overwhelmed by the support in the room and would like to thank Chris and Yuan from Studio Ninja for coming along and being in our corner, Rohit Bhargava from Startup Victoria for giving us the opportunity and generally being supportive and enthusiastic over the past few months! (on a side note if you are an entrepreneur make sure you check out Rohit’s podcast – It’s well worth a listen!)

Pitch nights like these are really valuable for startup businesses on a variety of levels and I would recommend having a go to anyone trying to build a business.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our experiences pitching please feel free to get in touch!

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